Combustible Ice Pipeline
Jiangsu Combustible Ice Pipeline Technology Co., Ltd.

Jiangsu Zhengdao Combustible Ice Pipeline Co., Ltd, established in March 2021, is a high-tech enterprise under the group of Jiangsu Zhengdao Ocean Technology Co., Ltd, and is fully committed to design and production of the following products: dynamic pipes for onshore desert areas, flexible composite pipes for offshore shallow water applications, long length pipes for hydrogen transmission and pipes for combustible ice mining industry. The company boasts the most advanced manufacturing equipment and professional technical team in China, with an annual capacity of more than 1000 kilometers of pipes. Taking advantage of the shipping terminal on the Yangtze River, the company's products can be easily shipped to Asia, Europe, Africa and America.


Adhering to the spirit of professional manufacturing and continuous innovation, the company is striving for standardization, specialization, and intelligent development of flexible composite pipes. The product diameter ranges form 2inch to 8inch with nominal pressure up to 25MPa. The products is ideally suitable for transportation of oil, gas and water under various environments of land, desert, swamp, shallow sea, etc.


In addition to the traditional field of oil and gas transmission, Jiangsu Zhengdao Combustible Ice Pipeline Co., Ltd also provides complete pipeline solutions for the field of new energy development, and is conducting in-depth cooperation with Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and Dalian University of Technology in the fields of hydrogen transmission and combustible ice development, aiming at providing higher quality products and services for energy transmission.

  • 2021
  • 1000+
    Annual production capacity (km)
  • 2in-8in +
    Pipe Size (Inches)
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    Integrity based on science, forge ahead, pursuit of first-class

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    Research combined with talents to develop enterprises, cost leading environmental protection and sustainable development

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    Zhengdao always adheres to the leading technology level and excellent product quality to serve the society and customers; to thank employees with the management concept of health, safety and environmental protection; to shape the brand with the attitude of win-win cooperation, innovation and transcendence, and return investors

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